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Serrapeptase Saves Lives!

heartIf someone told you that there is a simple method to improve your heart health, you may have doubts. The good news is that nature has given us a very powerful enzyme, Serrapeptase. Research has proven the unique ability of this enzyme. In Germany and Asia, the benefits of Serrapeptase, are well known. Physicians in these countries have administered this enzyme for many years as the standard medication for heart health to dissolve arterial plaque. Dr. Napier, a German research scientist, was responsible for extensive research and confirmed the benefits of Serrapeptase for his cardiac patients, and recorded their significant improvement. In the United States, Serrapeptase is marketed as a supplement at

This enzyme is extracted from the gut of a silkworm. In nature, Serrapeptase dissolves a hole in the tough cocoon of the silkworm when it is time to free the butterfly. Also, this enzyme helps the silkworm to digest the tough mulberry leaves on which it feeds.

Serrapeptase will literally dissolve arterial plaque with absolutely no side effects and no damage to the living tissue. Other benefits of Serrapeptase is that it dissolves inflammation in the human body. It has also been helpful for individuals with carpel tunnel.

It is always wise to check with your health care provider to determine if Serrapeptase will be beneficial to your health. For more information, visit